11 Key Insights You Can Track in Excel

Being able to track key insights and run analysis is critical for your business. Whether you are wanting to record and analyze historical numbers, or use the data for predictive modeling, your data is key. Excel and Google Sheets are both good options for tracking this data and both are relatively easy to setup.

Here are the areas we recommend focusing on.

Revenue and Margin

Overall Revenue and Margin

Revenue and Margin metrics are the foundation of tracking your businesses historical performance. They are the most used metric for how healthy a business is and how it is growing.

Revenue Splits by Service

You will also want to segment revenue by your different services segments.

Margin Splits by Service

Margin tracking by service is key to understanding what the most profitable parts of your business are and what parts need work.


Overall Growth

Tracking for your overall growth allows you to see how healthy your business is and what direction you are trending in.

Growth by Individual Service

When you split this out by service you know what areas of your business need more help, for example, you may apply more marketing dollars to specific ad campaigns focused on the segment of your business.

“Year over Year” and “Month over Month” Growth

It is important to understanding both how you are growing Year/Year, but also Month/Month. Year/Year is a better measurement of the long term growth while Month/Month is more volatile.


Historical Occupancy

Historical occupancy will be the basis for all predictive formulas.

Occupancy Growth

Knowing how your occupancy is growing over time allows you to forecast for the future.

Seasonal Occupancy Trends

Tracking season trends allows for you to apply seasonal variability to your predictions going forward.

Occupancy Forecasting

Since you have been tracking your historical occupancy rates and your growth rate, you can now attempt to predict your future occupancy.


Staff Cost Forecasting

Now that we have the occupancy forecast, we can apply staff costs and budget for the future.


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