3 Simple Ways to Offer Grooming Services as Community Outreach

One thing we write about often is how a dog kennel, dog boarding facility, or doggy daycare business can use community outreach to grow their business. We believe that by directly supporting those in need, or supporting animal welfare organizations, we can also grow our brand and our business in the community we serve. Today, we will also bring grooming into that mix.

If you have ever visited an animal shelter, you will see some standard breed dogs that have not had a good grooming in months, maybe in their whole lives. Dogs who look their best, especially dogs that have breed specific cuts, are more likely to stand out from the pack and get adopted faster.

Here are some ideas to help dogs in need and promote your business at the same time:

Sponsor a Dog BreedDog Grooming for Boarding Facilities

Choose one breed that your groomers excel in and sponsor that breed at the local shelter. This might be poodles, cocker spaniels, or schnauzers… choose a breed that your groomers enjoy working with and they will enjoy volunteering their time on. Contact your local shelter and let them know you would like to provide free grooming for this breed any time that they have one ready for adoption.

Time of Year

Choose a specific month to sponsor dogs at your shelter. This could be a slow month for your groomers, during a slow month they could dedicate one day a week to volunteer at the shelter.  It could also be a popular month, for example around Christmas, when shelters have a lot of adoptions taking place.


For a bigger impact in your local community, take a leadership role in sponsoring a groom-a-thon that extends beyond your business. By working with local shelters and reaching out to other groomers in the area, you can have a much larger impact.

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I have been part of the animal services industry for the past 15 years. Through I am passionate about helping Owners and Teams in the animal services industry grow and thrive.

Currently, I own and oversee Shady Acres Pet Ranch and Fur Kids Grooming in Round Rock Texas. In the past I have owned and managed Compassion Pet Sitting, one of the largest Pet Sitting Services in the Austin, TX metro Area.

I have also worked as an Executive in Fortune 50 and Startup Businesses for the last 18 years, providing me a strong foundation of Leadership, Business, Finance, Technology, and Marketing.
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