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5 Hot Pet Food Trends in 2018

The pet food industry has been exploding in the past few years with a trend towards natural, organic, and low allergy formulas. Overall pet food sales have increased  6% and exceeded $26 billion in 2017. That growth trend is expected to continue through 2022.

While pet food sales has traditionally been something that consumers bought from local store fronts, the industry has continued to trend toward online sales in the last few years.

These are the top trends for pet food to watch for in 2018.

Home Delivery

Consumers are using home delivery more and more for their own personal needs. This trend is moving into the pet industry strong in 2018. People are looking to simplify their lives and home delivery options allow them to do just that. Auto shipping and fast delivery options are accelerating this trend towards simplification. Some of the major players in this space are PetPlate , JustFoodForDogs, and Chewy.

Protein Packed

Another consumer trend that is becoming important in the animal food industry is a focus on protein. Protein focused products have been growing at above the broader market rates in the consumer space for several years. Pet owners are wanting to see more protein packed foods and less amounts of grain.

Preventative Care

Many consumers are wanting to offer more preventative care for their pets. Choosing foods which include preventative ingredients or follow preventative diet structures will be hot in 2018. When surveyed, two thirds of owners indicated that “High-quality dog foods/cat foods are effective for preventive health care.”.

Micro-targeted Foods

Pet food marketers are carving the market into micro groups to target consumers with specific nutritional needs. These micro groups include age, breed, size/weight, activity level, indoor versus active, type of fur, as well as allergies and other chronic health conditions.

Pet food trends often run in line with human trends, specialized pet foods offer whole food and/or nutraceutical ingredients. Probiotics, omega fatty acids, glucosamine, vegtables and fruits are key ingredients in this space.


Many pet owners are creating customized or semi customized meals for their pets. Food makes are jumping on this trend by offering subsets of meals that are made for consumers who are wanting this customization.


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I have been part of the animal services industry for the past 15 years. Through I am passionate about helping Owners and Teams in the animal services industry grow and thrive.

Currently, I own and oversee Shady Acres Pet Ranch and Fur Kids Grooming in Round Rock Texas. In the past I have owned and managed Compassion Pet Sitting, one of the largest Pet Sitting Services in the Austin, TX metro Area.

I have also worked as an Executive in Fortune 50 and Startup Businesses for the last 18 years, providing me a strong foundation of Leadership, Business, Finance, Technology, and Marketing.

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