5 Important Reasons Why a Password Policy Matters

Information security is very important for our Pet Services businesses. Imagine if your Dog Boarding Facility were to have a breach of your client database, exposing clients private information, contact details, or possibly credit card numbers. These types of data breaches are expensive and cause clients to lose trust, we must be vigilant in safeguarding our computer systems.

We’ve already given you Tips for Creating an Unbreakable Password, let’s talk about why a strong password policy matters.

Password expirations keep things fresh

Requiring your users to change their passwords every 30-90 days helps keep passwords secure. Statistics show that 70% of people use the same password across multiple sites.  This means that if one site is breached, your users password on that site could be used to access your applications and customer data. Forcing users to keep their passwords “fresh” helps to prevent this cross contamination.

Special characters make passwords harder to hackStrong Password Policy

Hackers use tools that test combinations of words and numbers in rapid sequence to try to “crack” or “break” a password. Every special character that we replace in a password makes your password much harder to crack based on the different variations the would be attacker would need to test.

Password length is key

Password hacking tools require time to test many different combinations of words, letters, numbers, and special characters to break a password. The longer we make our passwords, the longer it will take an attacker to break them. Attackers are looking for the path of least resistance. Having a password policy that requires a 8-12 character passwords makes it less likely that your users passwords will be cracked.

Dictionary words need to be avoided

prohibiting dictionary words means that any word found in a dictionary should not be found in your password. As we explained above, common hacker tools are testing combinations in rapid sequence to try to “crack” or “break” a password, this includes dictionary words. Avoiding using these words makes your password harder to crack.

Multi factor authentication is an important extra layer

Multi factor authentication is available on many computer programs now. This layer of security requires another form of identification beyond the password. If you have ever tried to log in to your bank and they have sent you a text message with a code that you had to enter back into the site for access, this is multi factor authentication.

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