Consulting Services

With over 15 years of animal industry experience, we know what it takes to help take your business to the next level. Whether you are seeking to grow, transform, integrate new technologies, or just improve a few key processes, we are ready to help.

Our consulting services begin with a deep discovery of your current business and what challenges you are facing. We will work with you to craft goals and success criteria, then build a timeline to which we will constantly measure progress until we meet your desired outcomes.

Our Expertise


We will highlight Setting Goals and Objectives, exploring all financial aspects of the business, and understanding exit strategy.



Repeatable processes drive predictable results. We will focus on process design and process improvement, building standard operating procedures, and driving efficiency balanced with quality of service.


A holistic view of Marketing. This would include all aspects of social media, email outreach, and traditional methods like event and community marketing.


We help our clients integrate technology to simplify operations, create efficiency, and elevate your business above competitors.

Mission and Values

This will be the starting point and the foundation of every decision going forward. Mission, values, and key business drivers are three pieces of a five part strategy to define how your business will operate.



Our three part strategy on leadership will define a leadership team of dedicated individuals within the business and help you implement changes.

Animal Health & Safety

Animal health & safety is critical to the success of your business. Our programs prioritize animal wellness.

Human Resources

We build a hiring and employee management program that promotes transparency and employee growth. Happy employees are invested in results and work hard for a business they believe in.

New Facility Start-Up

Whether you are just entering the industry or building your next location, from business plan to grand opening, we can help with every aspect of a new business start up.

Our Focus Areas

As we begin a consulting relationship we will work to understand your core values and the goals you have in your business. At a high level, here is what we believe makes a business successful in the animal industry.

Animal Health & Safety

Customer Centered

Employee Engagement

We are excited to help!